Magnadyne 5″ Marine Speaker Water Resistant 50 Wats #28607


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  • Brand      Nivel
  • 50 Watts     4 Ohms
  • Water Resistant    Marine Speaker

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The Magnadyne 5″ Marine Speaker – Water Resistant is a premium audio solution designed for marine enthusiasts who demand high-quality sound performance even in challenging environments. The Water Resistant feature of these speakers adds a layer of durability and reliability to withstand the harsh marine environment. Splashes, mist, and occasional exposure to water are no match for the resilient construction of these speakers, making them an ideal choice for marine applications where traditional speakers may falter. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Magnadyne 5″ Marine Speaker showcases the commitment to quality that the Nivel brand is known for. The 5-inch size strikes a perfect balance, with a compact design while providing ample audio performance for your vehicle.