Golf Cart Set Of 4 New LE Chrome Hub Cap Wheel Covers fits 8″ Wheel 0044LE


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Chrome Hub Caps
Set of 4

Chrome Plated Plastic Hub Caps LE EMBLEMS

Set 4 for All Golf carts With 8″ Wheels and ‘some ‘ trailers with 8 inch Wheels. Will Not Fit Trailer Wheels With Bearing Grease Buddy Snaps on.

We also have more hub caps on other listings.

4 New 8″ Chrome Plastic Hub Caps & LE Emblems

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The Golf Cart Set of 4 New LE Chrome Hub Cap Wheel Covers – model 0044LE, are a stylish and distinctive accessory designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your golf cart wheels. This set includes four hub caps, providing complete coverage for all your golf cart wheels. The uniformity of the set enhances the overall appearance of your golf cart, creating a cohesive and polished look that stands out on the golf course or recreational trails. Specifically designed to fit 8-inch wheels, the 0044LE hub caps offer a secure and proportional fit for a wide range of golf carts and some trailers with 8-inch wheels. The compatibility ensures that the hub caps seamlessly integrate with the wheels, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your golf cart. Installing the 0044LE Chrome Hub Caps is a breeze. The snap-on design allows for quick and secure installation, making it accessible for both DIY enthusiasts and professional technicians. Enjoy the convenience of transforming your golf cart’s appearance with minimal effort.

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