Yamaha G2 -G8-G9 6 Gauge Battery Cable Set #BAT1001


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The Yamaha G2 -G8-G9 6 Gauge Battery Cable Set #BAT1001is the ideal choice for Yamaha G2 owners seeking to optimize their golf cart’s electrical system. With its premium construction, 4-gauge thickness, and Yamaha-endorsed design, this cable set delivers on its promise of quality and reliability. This cable set boasts 4-gauge cables, providing a robust and efficient conduit for electrical power within your Yamaha G2. The 4-gauge thickness is strategically chosen to accommodate the power demands of the golf cart. The Yamaha G2 -G8-G9 6 Gauge Battery Cable Set #BAT1001 ensures a secure and stable electrical connection for your golf cart. The connectors are designed to match the G2’s battery terminals precisely, minimizing the risk of loose connections and optimizing electrical conductivity. Get yours today!