Yamaha Drive 2 LEd Light Kit 2017-2019 #LGT401L


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Revitalize your Yamaha Drive 2 golf cart with the LED Light Kit #LGT401L, designed for model years 2017-2019. This comprehensive kit is a game-changer, featuring advanced LED headlights & tail lights that not only illuminate the road but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your cart. The included wire harness ensures a seamless and stress-free installation process, while the detailed instructions and screws provided make it accessible for all users, whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a first-time installer. By investing in the LED Light Kit #LGT401L, you’re not just upgrading your golf cart; you’re enhancing its overall performance and safety. The energy-efficient LED lights offer superior brightness and durability, providing a modern touch to your older model. Shop now.