Yamaha Drive 2 Custom Carbon Fiber Dash #0102CF


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  • Brand Red Hawk

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The Yamaha Drive 2 Custom Carbon Fiber Dash #0102CF by Red Hawk is a striking fusion of cutting-edge design and functional elegance for your Yamaha Drive 2 golf cart. The carbon fiber finish not only adds a modern, high-tech aesthetic to your Yamaha Drive 2 but also introduces a touch of luxury that sets your golf cart apart from the rest. Designed exclusively for the Yamaha Drive 2 model, this custom dash guarantees a perfect fit. The measurements and contours align seamlessly with the original design of your golf cart, ensuring that the sleek carbon fiber upgrade enhances both the look and feel of your vehicle. Red Hawk is synonymous with quality and innovation, and this carbon fiber dash stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing golf cart enthusiasts with top-notch accessories that enhance both aesthetics and functionality.