Universal Break Light Switch Golf Cart, Cycle , Scooter , Buggy #BL1


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  • Brand       Quality Parts


The Universal Brake Light Switch #BL1 is a compact yet powerful safety accessory designed to elevate the visibility and safety of your golf cart, cycle, scooter, or buggy. The Universal Brake Light Switch #BL1 is a crucial component in the safety system of your recreational vehicle. Whether you’re cruising on a golf cart, cycling on a bike, riding a scooter, or navigating a buggy, this brake light switch ensures that your braking actions are effectively translated into visible signals for increased safety. The #BL1 Brake Light Switch is designed for user-friendly installation, accommodating a variety of recreational vehicles. Its universal compatibility allows enthusiasts to easily integrate this brake light switch into their specific vehicle type, making it a versatile and adaptable solution for different braking systems.