Golf Cart Universal Light LED Red Tail Light Bar Run,Turn,Brake #0988R


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  • Brand     Chris

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Install Golf Cart Universal Light LED Red Tail Light Bar Run, Turn, Brake #0988R for added safety. This light indicates the cart’s presence, signal turns, and illuminates during braking, reducing the risk of collisions and accidents. Designed by Chris, this light bar mounts effortlessly on the rear of the roof or anywhere you prefer, featuring a single LED for a park, stop, turn signal, tail, and brake combo light. The polycarbonate lens is sonically sealed, ensuring durability, and the IP67 waterproof rating guarantees resilience against mud, water, and salty air, ensuring safe driving in various conditions. This multi-functional light bar serves as a tail, running, stop, brake, turn signal, and marker light, offering premium build quality for long-lasting performance.