Golf Cart Propane Heater Bottle /Cup Holder #ACC0033


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  • Brand    Red Hawk

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This innovative solution combines the functionality of a propane heater with the convenience of a large cup holder, ensuring comfort and practicality in one sleek design. Stay comfortably warm while cruising on your golf cart with the integrated Propane Heater Bottle. Compatible with standard propane bottles, this heater provides a reliable and efficient source of heat to keep you snug on cool days and evenings. Whether you’re enjoying a round of golf, camping, or simply taking a leisurely ride, the Propane Heater Bottle ensures that you stay warm and enjoy your outdoor adventures to the fullest. The dual functionality means you don’t have to sacrifice one feature for the other – stay warm and keep your drinks accessible simultaneously. The large cup holder is strategically positioned for easy access, ensuring that you can enjoy your beverage without compromising on comfort.