Golf Cart Battery Cable Ends 1/4″ Hole 4 Gauge #0441


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Fuel your golf cart’s lightning strike with the #0441 Battery Cable Ends! These 4-gauge behemoths boast a 1/4″ hole for secure connections, ensuring your cart roars to life and conquers every hill with ease. Ditch the weaklings and upgrade to #0441 – the undisputed champions of cart cable conductivity. This product is meticulously crafted to enhance the connectivity and reliability of your golf cart’s electrical system. Designed to fit battery cables with 1/4″ ends, these cable ends are a crucial component for maintaining an efficient and secure electrical connection in your golf cart. Whether you own an electric or gas-powered golf cart, these cable ends are crafted to meet the connectivity needs of your specific battery configuration. Installing the Golf Cart Battery Cable Ends #0441 is a straightforward process. The user-friendly design and compatibility with standard 1/4″ battery cable ends make these cable ends accessible to both amateurs and professionals alike. The set includes all the necessary components, and the cables are clearly labeled, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation.