EZGO TXT 96-2013 Led Light Bar Kit #02-116


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Experience a transformation in both form and function with the EZGO TXT 96-2013 LED Light Bar Kit #02-116. Drive confidently, day or night, with the enhanced visibility and modern aesthetic of the LED light bar and tail lights. The included wire harness simplifies the installation process, providing a secure and organized way to connect the LED light bar and tail lights to your golf cart’s electrical system. The harness is designed for compatibility with EZGO TXT models from 1996 to 2013, ensuring a seamless integration. The kit is complete with both the LED light bar and matching tail lights. This comprehensive package offers a uniform and cohesive lighting system for your golf cart, enhancing both the front and rear visibility. The no-cutting feature simplifies the upgrade process and ensures a clean and polished appearance. Buy yours today!

  • LED Light Bar
  • No Cutting Front Body
  • Includes Light Bar & Tail Lights
  • Wire Harness
  • Hardware & Inctructions