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The HL2002L is a high-quality replacement LED headlight tailored to seamlessly fit EZGO TXT models manufactured from 2014 onwards, offering a modern and energy-efficient lighting solution for the left (driver) side. The precise fit ensures an easy and straightforward installation, seamlessly integrating with the updated design and structure of newer models. This replacement LED headlight is versatile, compatible with both 12 and 48-volt systems. Whether your golf cart is powered by gas or electric, the HL2002L ensures compatibility without the need for additional components. Ensure optimal visibility for both the driver and others on the road, enhancing safety during day and night drives with the EZGO TXT 2014 UP Left Replacement LED Headlight #HL2002L. Get yours today!

  • Replacement LED Headlight
  • TXT 2014 Up
  • 12-48 Volt
  • Gas & Electric
  • Left  (Driver Side)