EZGO RXV 2016 UP LED Left (Driver) Tail Light #TL8LEFT


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Upgrade the safety and aesthetics of your EZGO RXV golf cart with the EZGO RXV 2016 UP LED Left (Driver) Tail Light #TL8LEFT.The TL8LEFT is expertly engineered to seamlessly fit EZGO RXV golf carts produced from 2016 onwards. Enjoy a precise fit that complements the updated design and structure of newer RXV models. The TL8LEFT features energy-efficient LED lights, providing a bright and clear illumination that enhances visibility during night drives and low-light conditions. Specifically crafted for the left (driver) side of your golf cart, this LED tail light provides a balanced and uniform appearance to your rear lighting system. Constructed with premium materials, the TL8LEFT offers durability and longevity, ensuring a reliable and efficient lighting solution for your golf cart. The high-quality build is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and exposure to various weather conditions. Get yours today!