EZGO Micro Switch OEM#25861-G02 Used On DCS-PDS Models Only #0948


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The EZGO Micro Switch OEM#25861-G02, exclusively designed for use on DCS-PDS models, stands out as a testament to precision engineering and reliable performance. The OEM#25861-G02 micro switch is purpose-built for compatibility with EZGO DCS-PDS models. Its design and specifications are tailored to seamlessly integrate with the unique requirements of these specific golf cart models, ensuring a precise fit and dependable performance. OEM parts are known for their reliability and performance, providing golf cart owners with the assurance of top-notch quality. The EZGO Micro Switch OEM#25861-G02 with model number #0948 is designed for straightforward installation on DCS-PDS models. Whether you are a seasoned golf cart enthusiast or a DIY novice, the user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free replacement or upgrade process, allowing you to maintain your golf cart with ease.