Ezgo TXT-Valor-Freedom 2014 UpDeluxe Light Kit Signal Brake 2002L


  • Brand   Quality Parts
  • 12 & 48 Volt      NO REDUCER NEEDED

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The Quality Parts Ezgo TXT-Valor-Freedom Deluxe Light Kit is a must-have for golf cart enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive lighting upgrade. Combining style, safety features, and functional components, this kit is a testament to Quality Parts’ dedication to excellence. A practical addition, the horn adds an audible dimension to your golf cart. Use it to communicate with others on the road, ensuring you’re noticed and safe in various driving situations. The rear of your golf cart gets a modern makeover with the addition of LED tail lights. Not only do they enhance safety by making your cart more visible, but they also contribute to an overall stylish appearance. Complying with regulations, this kit ensures that your golf cart is ready for a variety of terrains and environments. True to its name, this kit is a deluxe package, offering a comprehensive set of features that go beyond the basics. It’s a one-stop solution for those seeking a complete lighting upgrade for their golf cart. Buy yours today!