Amber Marker/Clearance Light Truck,Trailer,Car,Golf Cart #0814A


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Upgrade the visibility and safety of your vehicle with the versatile Amber Marker/Clearance Light #0814A. This essential lighting component is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including trucks, trailers, cars, and golf carts, providing enhanced visibility and safety on the road.

Key Features:

  • Universal Application: This marker/clearance light is designed to fit various vehicles, making it a versatile choice for automotive enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Amber LED Illumination: The amber LED light emits a bright and attention-grabbing signal, ensuring your vehicle is seen in various driving conditions.
  • Enhanced Safety: Whether driving a truck, towing a trailer, or using it on your car or golf cart, this marker light enhances your vehicle’s safety by improving visibility to other drivers.